KD6X Moto-Mast Version II

This is a complete redesign of the Moto-Mast motorized winch assembly and the shack based remote control unit.  Why did I do it?  The original version was a rushed design because I wanted to get an antenna in the air.  Unfortunately, it incorporated a cheap underpowered motor that was being pushed beyond specified limits. Assembled Moto-Mast Every time I raised the mast, I was afraid it would fail.  Plus, I had a lot of good ideas how I could make the new version much better.  This is a picture story of the redesign process which took over a year of part-time work.  Highlights of the new design are a golf-cart sized brushless DC motor, electronic motor control with variable speed and soft-start, electronic reverse, and braking control. 


Shack based remote control unit
Shack based remote control unit.


The new controller utilizes an Arduino Mega CPU board and a completely customizable large display with soft keys for all functions.


Look through the pictures for the full story.  Be sure to click the "Info" button in the lower right corner of each photo for the details.