RigSelect PRO

The RigSelect PRO is a small, flexible, yet powerful amateur radio station accessory.  It allows a single operator to select any of four different radios (Rigs) with front panel pushbuttons while using a single headset, microphone, key or paddle, and PTT switch.  RigSelect Pro features a genuine WinKeyer 3 chip for perfect CW keying. 

For the SO2R contest operator, the RigSelect has the capability to listen simultaneously to audio from from any two of the four radios in stereo speakers or headsets.  Multiple configurations of SO2R audio management are available depending on operator preferences.  OTRSP (Open Two Radio Switching Protocol) is supported.  Key, microphone, and PTT can be quickly switched between either of the two radios.

SO2R specific features include:

RigSelect Pro status is continuously displayed on a color TFT display.  The display also facilitates manual operation of all RigSelect features through a simple menu system.

The RigSelect PRO can be operated manually or via computer control over three separate USB serial ports.  One USB for WinKeyer, one for OTRSP, and one for remote control of front panel menu operations or firmware updates.  The unit can be powered from an external 6 - 15 volt power supply.

The RigSelect PRO also contains a genuine K1EL WinKeyer 3 CW processor.  The WinKeyer 3 can be used in Standalone Key mode per WinKeyer documentation.  However, it is anticipated that most users will connect to RigSelect with one of the many fine computer programs available that support WinKeyer to send CW such as N1MM, Ham Radio Deluxe, DX Lab Suite, Fldigi, etc.  WinKeyer can be disabled on a per-radio basis, in which case key or paddle commands are sent straight through to the radio to use with the radio’s internal keyer circuit.

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The Additional and updated information on RigSelect Pro can be found the RigSelect dedicated website at http://RigSelect.com.